Story Sample

Book Sample of Lizzy’s Rodeo

I was coming from Coeur d’Alene Idaho heading south toward Eden, a small town in Wyoming, hoping to win some pocket money at the ‘Frontier Days Rodeo’ before traveling west.

I was entering the rodeo gates when a lovely specimen of maleness ran in front of my truck with horse in tow, being chased by some young buckle bunnies wanting his autograph. “Hey cowboy jump in back! If you’re going to get trampled, you might as well get paid for it. Your horse will be fine, I’ll go slow.”

“Fuck that! Gas it, my horse will keep up!”

I was rosining up my bull rope when I saw the poor cowboy again. “I see you came out unscathed from the herd of wanting twats.”

“Yeah, I wish they wouldn’t do that. Thanks for the rescue; my name is Ryan.”

Continuing on with my rodeo prep, “Gee, most cowboys would skip riding today if they had so many admirers; the purse money isn’t that good. Can’t blame those girls, your aura oozes ‘Potential Pleasure Object’ Ryan.” My blood pressure was rising just looking at this hunk of gorgeous flesh.

“The way you talk I don’t believe I’ve heard such language come from a woman; straight forward. Do you have a partner for the heading and heeling competition today?”

“I’ll rope with whoever wants me provided they have a horse I can borrow.”

Pinning me to the side of my truck. “I want you.” “So does God.” Pushing him away. “Do you really need a partner?” “Yes I do. What’s your name?”

“Do you have a horse I can borrow? It’s Lizzy.” Looking at him skeptically.

“Yes, I have two. Really Lizzy, I do need a roping partner. Cody went missing on me, the dickhead. I also came over to see that sunshine smile of yours.”

“Fucking Cody I’m not surprised. It’s a shame his brain is buckled to his jeans. Save that sunshine bullshit for the bunnies. Hey, I gotta finish getting ready to rodeo come find me when it’s time for us to rope.” Ryan being a header, he’ll collect up the horns. Me being a heeler I’ll snatch up the hind legs. Together we rope the same calf in the fastest time.
I opened the front and back passenger doors of my truck, trying to give myself some privacy. I begin my ritual: I put on a pair of starched jeans, thick socks, boots, tape my “Too big to ride rodeo” tits down. With athletic tape I start in the middle of my chest, over the left shoulder, making loops around the underneath my chest, then over the right shoulder looping around the top of my chest. I pushed down on the tape. “That should hold em’.”

“I never get tired of seeing that, Lizzy.” Saying a cowboy who stopped to take a gander.

“Do you need help with any part of that, Lizzy?” A voice I didn’t recognize. I snapped up my sponsored western shirt.

Can’t blame the cowboy’s big tits are only bad for eight seconds. I buckled on my old style, ranch spurs.

I was late for the bull riding event. I shouldn’t have stopped for that hot dog! I gathered up my bull rope, bronc saddle and chaps, running for the rodeo arena. “Ah Shit!” I forgot to take the knife out of my boot. I left the sheath in and threw the knife toward the rolled down window of my truck. I throw knives in competition and I just gave myself a fuckin’ flat tire!

A definite precursor of what was to happen the rest of the day. I rushed to get my chaps buckled and my shirt straightened when I heard the score for Ryan. The announcer hollers “That’ll be a score of eighty-seven out of a possible hundred for Ryan Shanahan.” Continuing, “For those who don’t understand the scoring system let me explain. The bull and rider are judged separately from zero to fifty points based on their own performance. They’re added together for the rider’s total score. He has the highest score so far! He’s leading the pack but we still have some of the best cowboys coming up.” The announcer claims.

I took second in the bull riding event with a score of eighty-six out of a hundred along with a dislocated thumb.

“Great ride girl, I didn’t…” I pulled my hand out of the glove gently. My thumb had a left turn in it: definitely.

“Shut up! Stomp on my foot and pull it Ryan! I’m gonna nard drop ya if you don’t hurry up!”

I didn’t have enough time to tape my thumb in place; I was third in the line-up for bronc riding. I stuffed my hand back into the glove.

“Hey, kamikaze woman. Lizzy, are you gonna bronc ride still?”

“Shut up! Hand my saddle to the cowboys working the bucking chutes please!” Kamikaze woman, funny Ryan should call me that. “Death before defeat?” I’ll have that written on my headstone…

Handing up my gear, “Lizzy, this isn’t a very smart idea with you being injured. Like you said the purse money isn’t that good.”

“I looked up the word ‘rodeo’ once, I didn’t read the word ‘SMART’ anywhere in the definition! You’re stepping on my one last good nerve, Ryan! GET OFF IT!”

It didn’t matter that I only had four fingers to hang on with, I was slammed into the wooden fence not two seconds in to my eight second time. Over the fence I went landing in a pile of bull shit! I hear “No Time-No Score for Lizzy Hollar.” No Shit! The splintered wood tore my jeans and gave me a huge gash in my calf. I gimped on over to the onsite doctor and had him tape up my thump and put a few stitches in my leg. “Yes, I’m roping with you Ryan. My adrenaline is pumping I don’t feel a whole lot of pain yet. Depending on how good you are, hopefully I’ll only have to swing my rope seven maybe ten times over my head before gathering up the hind legs. So, if you could land the horns in a hurry I would greatly appreciate it.” I popped five Aspirin in my mouth and took a swig of Root Beer.

I swung up behind Ryan to go fetch Comet, Ryan’s second horse. Taking my good hand placing it on his crotch. “Could you give me just a little squeeze, Lizzy? I’m nervous and I need something else to think about.”

“Jesus H. Christ! I had other offers besides you!” I kept my hand there and began massaging the outside of his jeans. “Feel better yet?”

“You did it too long; I don’t want to rope at all! I have a raging hard on.”

“Break out the duct tape and strap it to your leg, cowboy. One of those buckle bunnies will be more than happy to unleash the beast for you later.”

Comet was saddled and ready to go. I adjusted the stirrups and threw my ‘Willard’ rope over the horn. “Was a bad idea for me to put your hand on my crotch? I can’t think of anything else. Do you want to win some purse money today?” Ryan looking down at the bulge in his jeans.

“Fuck! Shit! You couldn’t have drained your leaking lizard before now! You had your pick of any bunny here! She would have licked, sucked and fucked you, all in about thirty minutes or less!” I about ripped him off his horse and drug him to the other side of mine. “If we don’t make it in one of the top three slots I’ll be pissed. Your nookie days will be over my new friend!” Unbuttoning his jeans, “Do NOT mistake compliance with enthusiasm, Ryan. I want to win!” I bent over and gave him a quick knob job.

“The fog is lifting” He smiles at me. “If we don’t win a mouthful of your ‘vital essence’ is my reward? Good thing I didn’t swallow.”

The box of Tampons I kept behind my driver’s seat I use to plug up the nose bleeds of my friends, NOT MY OWN! Comet threw up his head up and cracked me in the face. The bright side of the day if there possibly is one, Ryan and I took first place in the team roping, turns out Ryan was an excellent roper. What a Prick! Thinking to myself, “No matter how much money I win today I’ll still be in the red. My shirt was stained and I have a tampon hanging out of my right nostril!”

“Let’s cool off the horses, I know a pretty place up on the ridge. I don’t think you need this anymore?” Removing the tampon from my nose.

“Oh’ my God! I forgot it was there!” Shit, is there anything else left of this day that wants to kick the shit out of my cowgirlhood “Sure, are you from here Ryan?” Checking out the scenery along the way we could see the Big Sandy River from where we were, maybe I should have gone fishing instead?

“No, I’m from Coeur d’Alene. I didn’t ride the hometown rodeo this year I left for a better paying job.

“I spent some time in Coeur d’Alene and participated in the rodeo. Beautiful area. I dropped a line in the Spokane River while I was there. I’m glad I didn’t run into you what a bloody disaster that may have been. Look at today I’m damaged goods.” My injuries were creeping up on me. I popped in four more aspirin, it helped. Chatting with Ryan, I felt a strong desire to kiss him. I never thought I would succumb to a paranormal attraction. This son of a bitch gives me blue clit hurt or not.
“You doing okay back there, kamikaze girl.”
Sure, if I took me’ good hand out of me’ jeans and stopped touchin me’ self! “Just checking out the sites.”

Ryan had wicked eyes the shade of burned coal, chocolate colored hair with a natural curl to it and an athletic build. Not big and buff just enough to fill out those ass hugging jeans he wears. A smile that says, “I’m yours for the asking.” I was trying not to ask. He has that thing, animal magnetism, that draws women to him. No matter how big of an asshole he is women just can’t stay away. It must be such a burden to have pussies throwing themselves at you right and left. Cody is usually not far away hoping one will stray off course and end up on HIS dick. Rock hard candy mountain! I’d like to taste Ryan’s snowcapped peak! I am woman hear me prrrr.

Stopping in the meadow I climbed off the horse. I sat my hat on the horn and stripped off my clothes, only putting my chaps and boots back on. I tied the rest of my clothes to the back of the saddle. I came around the front of the horse and hooked the reins over Ryan’s saddle horn. “I thought we could ride double the rest of the way.”

A taste of my life! Come back and read the rest of my story. I have had lots of ups and downs I wish they were all between the sheets but no such luck…